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March 10, 2023: LCD's Interpreter Assessment Report 

The  Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) Interpreter Needs Assessment report has been published!  This report was a compilation of a 6 month effort to better understand the current state of sign language interpreters and the services provided in Louisiana.  This project was one step toward the LCD’s 2022-2024 strategic plan goals that states, “LCD will establish new systems and standards for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting which define, describe, and incentivize new expectations for and oversight of the quality of ASL interpreters, including those in educational settings.”  

Innivee Strategies, Inc.  produced this comprehensive Interpreter Needs Assessment report on behalf of LCD. 

Click here to read the full Interpreter Needs Assessment report

Please click the image below to view a summarized version of the report in American Sign Language: The summarized written report can be viewed here  


LCD will host a public town hall meeting soon with interested constituents to be able to answer questions regarding the report, and better understand LCD’s next steps for implementing interpreting standards. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Interpreter Needs Assessment Public Town Hall meeting. 


March 1, 2023: LCD Interpreter Registry 

Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD), is excited to announce its latest development of a public-facingstatewide American Sign Language Interpreter Registry in an effort to provide an easily accessible, centralized platform to identify and locate interpreters in your area!
We are inviting all Interpreters to join the registry by completing the application process and creating your own personal account online. Once the application has been successfully submitted, an LCD administrative staff will review and process your application.
LCD is encouraging all interpreters regardless of your availability status to join the growing roster of Registered Interpreters in Louisiana. We are kindly requesting consumers, providers, and interpreters to bear with us as we grow the list of interpreters in the state of Louisiana.
Click here to REGISTER

November 10, 2022: Louisiana Special School District is seeking for a new Superintendent (UPDATE: JOB IS NOW CLOSED AND HAS BEEN FILLED) 

The @Louisiana Special School District is searching for a new Superintendent! Learn more about the job and apply at



October 01, 2022: LCD Interpreter Assessment Survey

Are you a Deaf, DeafBlind, or Hard of Hearing person who uses ASL interpreters, an ASL interpreter, or an interpreting agency representative? Does your organization or company request or work with ASL interpreters? Then please take our survey!




This survey is led by Innivee Strategies, Inc. in collaboration with Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD). Our goal is to gather information about your experience and perspectives on what is currently available in Louisiana, and the changes you want to see within the state’s ASL interpreting profession.  This is part of an on-going effort as part of LCD’s strategic plan, and a continuation of several community focus groups held recently. 


Your input is important! All responses will be kept confidential. Please take 20-30 minutes to complete this survey by the deadline of October 31, 2022.


August 16, 2022: Statewide Interpreter Policy and Programming Manager


La Commission for the Deaf is seeking a “Statewide Interpreter Policy and Programming Manager”, responsible for but not limited to, the following:

  •  Management and oversight of statewide interpreting standards and accessibility services in Louisiana for individuals who are d/Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing. This includes the development and coordination of a statewide program to standardize minimum qualifications and oversight for interpreters working in Louisiana
  • The development and management of technical guidelines and administrative functions of the LCD online interpreter registry
  • Establish objectives for the training, recruitment, and retention of the Louisiana interpreter workforce.  


To learn more about this position, its requirements, and to apply, please visit the link below. 


July 25, 2022: RFI for Region 9 (Northshore Area)


The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf is releasing a Request for Information (RFI) seeking potential contractors who may be able to function as Regional Service Center to provide direct services for Interpreting, Telecommunication, and Hearing Aids  programs in Louisiana, Region 9 (Northshore area).  Please visit to read more about services and information required.


NOTE: This Request for Information (RFI) is solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a solicitation. This information will be reviewed and discussed by the state agency and may result in the advertisement of a formal and competitive Request for Proposal for any or all of the services included in the RFI.

Only information which is in the nature of legitimate trade secrets or non-published financial data may be deemed proprietary or confidential. Any material within a response to this RFI identified as such must be clearly marked and will be handled in accordance with the Louisiana Public Records Act. R.S. 44:1-44 and applicable rules and regulations. Any response marked as confidential or proprietary in its entirety may be rejected without further consideration or recourse


July 5, 2022: Update on SB 28 Bill is now recognized as ACT 128

On February 28 of this year, the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf with Senator Hewitt proposed a bill SB98 that was signed into ACT by our Louisiana Governor John Edwards on July 5, 2022 and is now recognized as Act 128. This bill is to clarify legislative intent for the commission, includes trade definitions, and promotes further inclusively within the La Commission for the Deaf. This measure would add a board member who is DeafBlind to the commission. This position would be held by the executive director of the governors office of disability affairs, or their designee. Board members receive no salary but are reimbursed for travel and expenses incurred during the performance of their duties. 

Little fun fact about this day: After signing the bill, our Governer took his time to finger-spelled his name (John) in American Sign Language. Also, the LCD interim director (Jana Broussard) gets to keep the pen that was signed on this specific Act by our governor. 

Day of signing by our governor, John Edwards with LCD and the committee. 

Photo from below: (From left to the right) Shane Bates, Amy Shamburger, Jana Broussard, Jimmy Gore, Dr. Heather Laine, Jay Isch, Jordan (LDOE), and Jazymyne Lemar. 



To learn more about Act 198, click here

Huge thanks to our Senator Hewitt for her dedication and hardwork to make this happen! 


July 1, 2022: Request for Proposal Update (ABL)

LCD submitted a Request for Proposal (RFP) #3000017865 to obtain competitive proposals from qualified proposers to provide high-quality services for the statewide Support Service Provider (SSP) Program. The LCD intends to award a single contract to Affiliated Blind of Louisiana in Lafayette.  These services begin on or around July 1, 2022 and will remain in effect until June 30, 2025. To learn more about ABL, please visit their website at


May 27, 2022: Statewide ASL/English Interpreting Needs Assessment

The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf and Innivee Strategies have launched a statewide ASL/English interpreting needs assessment project! 

Our goal is to gather data and input from the community that will support LCD, the Louisiana Deaf and interpreting communities, and Louisiana government officials and legislators in making fully informed decisions on where and how to improve interpreting standards. Please watch video below and be on the lookout for more information coming this summer!


March 31, 2022: LCD Board Proposes Revisions to RS:46:2351-2356

Act 629 of the 1980 Louisiana Legislative Session established the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf to provide programs and services and to improve communication access to individuals who are D/deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing. Since then, there have been many improvements for individuals who are D/deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing - including the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990. As such, certain areas of LCD’s historical responsibilities warranted revision in order to support effective implementation of ADA requirements. 

Since 2019, LCD Board members, staff, and Dept. of Health leaders have worked to identify needed changes. On February 28 of this year, Senator Sharon Hewitt (R-District 1) filed Senate Bill 98 (SB 98) to propose these recommended amendements during the 2022 Regular Session. The bill aims to: eliminate reference to services that no longer exist or are no longer under LCD purview; clarify authority surrounding Louisiana American Sign Language Interpreter workforce; and expand LCD's ability to adapt services through rulemaking.

Click here to read the full text of the bill and follow its progress through the Louisiana legislative process.


February 1, 2022: Northshore Regional Service Center Permanently Closed

CCGroup Foundation, the Regional Service Center providing LCD services in the Northshore area, has permanently closed. Lighthouse Louisiana will temporarily provide services for this area to ensure there is not an interruption in services.

If you live in the Northshore area and are in need of assistance, please contact Lighthouse Louisiana at (225) 275-1200 or email them at A representative will be in the Hammond area once a week to meet with people, so all appointments must be made in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience.


October 8, 2021: Request for Proposals

Support Service Provider (SSP) Program
(An advertisement in American Sign Language can be found here. Please note, the RPF number in the ASL version is incorrect. The correct number is listed below in the English text version. We apologize for any inconvenience)
RFP# 3000017865 
The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), Office of Public Health (OPH), Bureau of Family Health (BFH), Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) hereby issues Request for Proposal (RFP) #3000017865 to obtain competitive proposals from qualified proposers who are interested in providing high-quality healthcare services for the statewide Support Service Provider (SSP) Program. The LCD intends to award a single contract to provide SSP services to people who are DeafBlind in the State of Louisiana. A Contract is necessary to inform DeafBlind individuals in Louisiana of the SSP services available, coordinate the provision of high quality services through SSPs trained to work one-on-one with DeafBlind individuals, and to inform the continued development and improvement of the SSP program in collaboration with LCD. 

The full text RFP - including any addenums since the initial posting - is available through the Louisiana Procurement & Contract Network (LaPAC) and the Louisiana Department of Health. | 1-800-256-1523 | (VP): (225) 228-1203 | PO Box 3214, Baton Rouge, LA, 70821