HSS Change of Ownership Information: Adult Brain Injury Information

Providers must complete this document when they have a change in their ownership structure. This document would be used for both a change of ownership (CHOW) as defined by state and/or federal regulations, or a change of ownership information (CHOI) that does not meet the state and/or federal regulations CHOW definition.

For Health Standards to make a CHOW/CHOI determination, all providers must submit the following documents:

  1. Letter of Intent (including d/b/a (doing business as) and entity name of the previous and the new owner, the effective date of change of ownership, address and phone number).
  2. A diagram showing the ownership structure “before” and “after” the change
  3. Copy of the executed legal transaction documents (Bill of Sale, lease, etc.)
  4. CHOW/CHOI License Application
  5. Change of Ownership Application
  6. 855A/B approval letter for the following Medicare Certified providers: Home Health, hospice, hospitals, RHCs, ASCs, ESRDs, portable x-ray, community mental health, CORF, Nursing Facilities, and OPT.

Note: If this action is a CHOI, the documents above are the only documents you need to submit. There is no fee for a CHOI. 

If this action is a CHOW, the following are also needed:

  1. Does your facility have a CLIA Certificate? If yes, you may also be required to complete a CHOW for CLIA. 
  2. Licensing Fee: Click here for the link for the Health Standards Fee Schedule 

NoteThe fee for a CHOW is usually the same as a license renewal unless the facility is making additional changes. For providers completing an acquisition/merger, please contact the program desk for assistance.

Additional Documents Required:

  1. Criminal Background Checks (new owners) compled by LSP authorized agency
  2. Proof of Financial Viability
    1. Verification of assets equal to $100,000 or the cose of 3 months operation, whichever is less; or
    2. Letter of credit equal to $100,000, or the cose of 3 months of operation
  3. General & Professional Liability Insurance at least $300,000
  4. Worker's Compensation Insurance
  5. The days and hours of operation (outpatient only)
  6. Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Organization
  7. Submission of a key personnel change form for any change in director or nursing director

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