About Sanitarian Services

Sanitarian Services is primarily occupied with enforcing laws, rules and regulations for maintaining and promoting community hygiene; however they are increasingly orienting themselves to accomplishing their goals by education, enlightenment, and persuasion. Sanitarians are more concerned with the development of sanitary standards and technical aspects of engineering, construction, and supervision of operators or various facilities and techniques which are basically design entities and which are conducted toward improvement of living conditions in communities. Knowledge has so advanced our understanding of environmental hygiene that virtually every entity in our environment has come under the scrutiny of public health.

In Case of Disaster

Act 66 - Re-Inspection Fee Implementation

Regulatory Codes

Effective June 20, 2002, the Louisiana Sanitary Code was codified and re-promulgated as "Title 51. Public Health-Sanitary Code". Present and future updates to the code can be found in the Louisiana Register.

Louisiana Administrative Code - a state-certified publication that provides a set of rules which have been formally adopted or amended by Louisiana state agencies.

To download the Louisiana Sanitary Code at no charge;  Title 51. Public Health-Sanitary Code.  (Keep in mind that this is a large file and may take several minutes to download.)

To order a printed copy of the Louisiana Sanitary Code: Louisiana Administrative Code Order Forms



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