About the Coordinated System of Care (CSoC)


The Coordinated System of Care (CSoC) brings together the Department of Health (Office of Behavioral Health and Medicaid), the Department of Children & Family Services, the Department of Education, the Office of Juvenile Justice, the Governor's Office, family, youth and advocate representatives to establish a service delivery system that is better integrated, has enhanced service offerings and achieves improved outcomes. Specific goals for the CSoC include:

  • Improving the overall outcomes for enrolled children/youth and their caregivers
  • Decreasing the number of youth in residential/detention settings
  • Reducing the state's cost of providing services by leveraging Medicaid and other funding sources 

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Louisiana's CSoC:

  • Incorporates a broad, flexible array of effective services and supports for a defined population;
  • Is organized into a coordinated network;
  • Integrates care planning and management across multiple levels;
  • Is culturally and linguistically competent;
  • Builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth at the service delivery, management and policy levels; and
  • Has supportive policy and management infrastructure.