About the Office of Public Health

The LDH Office of Public Health is comprised of 1,100 professionals across Louisiana who are charged with protecting and promoting the health of the communities of our state. The agency operates more than fifty programs with staff in 63 parish health units, three specialty clinics, nine regional offices, three centers, fifteen bureaus, and nearly 600 contractual agreements. Engineers, doctors, chemists, biologists, nurses, sanitarians, clinicians, emergency preparedness experts and a host of other professionals work constantly to:

  • monitor the food Louisiana's residents and visitors eat;
  • keep our water safe to drink;
  • fight chronic and communicable disease;
  • ensure we are ready for hurricanes, disasters and other threats;
  • manage, analyze and disseminate public health data
  • ensure access to vital records like birth certificates; and
  • offer preventive health services.

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MissionThe mission of the Department of Health (LDH) Office of Public Health (OPH) is to protect and promote the health and wellness of all individuals and communities in Louisiana. We accomplish this through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, preventing disease and injury, enforcing regulations that protect the environment, sharing vital information and assuring preventive services to uninsured and underserved individuals and families.


The LDH Office of Public Health, characterized by a trained and highly motivated workforce, will employ science-based best practices to ensure that all people in Louisiana have the opportunity to grow, develop, and live in an environment that promotes the physical, behavioral and social health of individuals, families and communities.

Public Health professionals are motivated daily by how individuals and communities are working together to improve their health. As custodians of the public's trust and money, we strive to stay connected to what's most important to improve the health of individuals and families.