About Us

Major Functions

  1. Assume a leadership role within state policy development, coordination of planning, programming, monitoring and evaluation of minority health activities;
  2. Develop minority health initiatives including cultural competency standards and multilingual communications;
  3. Provide a central information and referral source;
  4. Provide input and/or coordinate conferences and other opportunities to increase skills among state and local agencies and government staff in management, and in the appreciation of improving the health status and profiles in racial/ethnic minorities and medically underserved populations in Louisiana;
  5. Submit recommendations to educational institutions, health providers, government agencies, local and state health/human service agencies on the recruitment and retention of minorities in health professions;
  6. Increase public awareness by publicizing minority health issues through the media.


The Bureau facilitates collection, analysis, dissemination and access to information concerning minority health issues; addresses or eliminates health disparities for the underserved, under-represented populations in Louisiana by using multi-cultural and culturally-competent approaches to enhance the ways in which health services are designed and delivered; and builds the capacity of national, state and local government to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate high-quality cultural competence strategies for all domains of public health, including policy, funding and programs.

Rudy Macklin, BS
Email: Rudy.Macklin@la.gov 
Office # (225) 342-4886