Bayou Health Transparency Report - State Fiscal Year 2015

Bayou Health Transparency Report

Bayou Health Transparency Report Appendices

Appendix 15.I: Total Number of Health Care Providers (Section 4)

Appendix 15.II: Primary Care Service Providers (Section 5)

Appendix 15.III: Contracted Providers with Closed Panels (Section 6)

Appendix 15.IV: Medical Loss Ratio Reports (Section 9)

Appendix 15.V: Member Satisfaction Surveys (Section 9)

Appendix 15.VI: Provider Satisfaction Surveys (Section 9)

Appendix 15.VII: Annual Audited Financial Statements (Section 10)

Appendix 15.VIII: Number of enrollees who received services from each Managed Care Organization (Section 15)

Appendix 15.IX: Total number of denied claims (Section 20)

Appendix 15.X: Total number of clean claims (Section 21)

Appendix 15.XI: Claims paid to out-of-network providers (Section 23)

Appendix 15.XII: Pharmacy benefits by month (Section 24)

Appendix 15.XIII: Dental Program (Section 26)

Appendix 15.XIV: MSLC Survey