Archived 1115 Monitoring Reports  

In accordance with the STCs, Louisiana must submit three (3) quarterly monitoring reports and one (1) compiled annual report for each Demonstration Year (DY). These reports include operational updates, performance metrics, budget neutrality and financial reporting requirements, evaluation activities and interim findings, and SUD health IT measures. All monitoring reports will be posted after CMS approval.

Please see below for the quarterly and annual reports submitted to CMS, as required by the SUD 1115 Demonstration Waiver.

DY3 Annual Report


DY3 Q3 Monitoring Report


DY3 Q2 Monitoring Report

Due to the timing of the approved SUD Monitoring Protocol, Louisiana collected retrospective data and submitted the LA _RetroDY1Q1-DY3Q1_Part-A_20200828, with a separate tab for each reported quarter from DY1 Q1 through DY3 Q1. The reports below do not contain Part A workbooks, except for those submitted for the HIT metrics only.

DY3 Q1 Report


DY2 Annual Report

DY2 Q3 Report

DY2 Q2 Report

DY2 Q1 Report

DY1 Annual Report

DY1 Q3 Report

DY1 Q2 Report

DY1 Q1 Report