COVID-19 Long-Term Care Facilities 

Booster Dose Planning for Residents and Staff

The Louisiana Department of Health recommends eligible nursing home residents and staff receive a second mRNA COVID-19 vaccine booster dose. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of COVID-19 Vaccines in late March 2022 with the following guidance for those who are at increased risk for serious COVID-19:

  • All Adults ages 50 years and older, are eligible for, and can benefit from, a second booster dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.
  • People are eligible for the second booster as soon as four months after they received the first booster dose.

To access the CDC recommendations and schedule go to 

Nursing Homes are encouraged to re-engage with their onsite vaccination service provider to plan and offer the second booster vaccination opportunity for all eligible residents and staff. Its recommended the clinic be scheduled as soon as possible, but ensure these second booster vaccinations occur no earlier than four months from the previously held onsite booster dose opportunity. Medicaid and Medicare cover the vaccine administration fee so they will not incur additional cost for residents. Here are the options for getting residents and staff onsite vaccinations, if you need assistance (choose one):

  1. Partner directly with a vaccination provider that provides COVID-19 vaccinations. This can be a local retail pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy, clinic, hospital, or other vaccine provider selected by you. If you need assistance with partnering with a local vaccination provider, please contact the Imunization Program at
  2. Enroll directly as a COVID-19 vaccine provider with the Louisiana COVID-19 Vaccine Program to self order and administer the booster doses accordingly. To begin this process please send a request to


Model COVID-19 Vaccine Services Agreement

Developed by LIPA, this sample agreement established the service relationship between the vaccine provider and LTCF, defining the roles and responsibilities of each entity.

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Template Developed by LIPA, this template is to be completed by the LTCF that lists staff and residents scheduled to be vaccinated. This template is to be sent to the vaccination provider in advance of on-site clinic dates.

Additional resources to help your site prepare for your third dose COVID-19 booster vaccines vaccination clinics will be made available in subsequent communications. For now, the primary focus is that all licensed LTCFs notify LDH of their plan for executing on-site third dose COVID-19 booster vaccines.

Responsibilities of Vaccination Providers

  • Schedule and coordinate on-site clinic date(s) directly with the site at a time mutually agreed on with both parties.
  • Order and provide vaccines and ancillary supplies (e.g., syringes, needles, personal protective equipment).
  • Adhere to all applicable CMS COVID-19 requirements for individuals entering the facility site.
  • Administer COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with all requirements and recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (“ACIP”).
  • Provide on-site administration of the vaccine to residents and staff for whom the request is submitted in compliance with Safe Vaccine Administration standards during COVID-19.
  • Ensure cold chain management for vaccines is maintained at all times.
  • Provide COVID-19 Vaccine Information/ Screening Form for the facility to duplicate and have completed for each resident and/or employee for whom services are requested.
  • Obtain and review COVID-19 Vaccine Information/Screening Form for each person scheduled to receive the vaccine prior to vaccine administration and attach CDC Vaccine Record if available.
  • Ensure participants receiving the vaccine are provided with information contained in the appropriate EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers until full FDA authorization has been approved.
  • Confirm COVID vaccination status by reviewing LINKS (Louisiana’s Immunization Information System) and that a booster vaccine is appropriate, prior to vaccine administration.
  • Provide post-vaccination monitoring for all patients in the administration area not being directly monitored by facility members (e.g. patient rooms).
  • Issue and/or update CDC Vaccine Record cards to patients verifying they have been immunized or have received booster vaccine.
  • Report required vaccination data to LINKS within 24 hours of administering each dose.
  • Bill any insurance for reimbursement of the COVID vaccine administration fee or HRSA for persons who are uninsured.
  • Provide reporting on COVID-19 vaccine administration onsite at the facility location that may be requested by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), including but not limited to Daily COVID Vaccine Report.

Responsibilities of LTCFs

  • Provide a direct point of contact for COVID-19 vaccination event coordination (name, e-mail, phone number).
  • Schedule and coordinate on-site clinic date(s) directly with Provider.
  • Complete an Excel spreadsheet with demographic information for all persons scheduled to receive a COVID vaccine on the date of a site visit for purposes of verifying COVID vaccine status in LINKS, and transmit via e-mail to Provider.
  • Coordinate patient/staff availability for the date of the event and schedule vaccines at intervals mutually agreed on with the provider.
  • Provide a common area or location for vaccinations and monitoring to occur. The common area for vaccines should be able to accommodate safe social distancing practices and be a minimum of 10 x 10 feet with a table, two chairs, and an electrical outlet.
  • If a resident is unable to receive a vaccination in a common area and the Provider must administer in another location such as a resident’s room, the facility will be responsible for providing an observer for the recommended 15-30 minutes of monitoring after vaccination.
  • Provide any reporting on COVID-19 vaccine administration onsite at facility location that may be requested by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH).