Bayou Health Plan Readiness Results

The following information is listed for historical purposes only. It will not be updated.

The five Health Plans contracted under Bayou Health (Feb. 2012 - Jan. 2015) are fully prepared to manage health care for some 865,000 Medicaid and LaCHIP recipients, LDH announced. Operational and systems readiness reviews were conducted by LDH staff, examinining each Plan's ability to handle everything from case management and claims payments, where applicable, to member grievances and fraud prevention. In total, Prepaid Plans had to prove readiness on 906 different factors, and Shared Savings Plans had to show readiness on 788 factors.

Each Plan also had to show they have contracted with an adequate network of doctors, including specialists, where applicable and other providers, for the first region of the state to go live, which is the four-parish New Orleans and five-parish Northshore areas - known as Geographic Service Area  A (GSA A). GSA A goes live on Feb. 1. Use the links below to view the documented results of each Plan's readiness review.

Systems Readiness

Operational Readiness


Network Adequacy