Building & Premise Plans Review Documents

Day Care Plans Review Packet
  • child day care centers
  • child day health care centers
  • Head Start day care centers
School Plans Review Packet
  • private schools
  • parochial schools
  • charter schools
Public Building Plans Review Packet
  • child placement centers
  • mental-health rehabilitation counseling centers

Hospital and Clinic Plans Review Packet
  • hospitals
  • hospital remote locations
  • clinics
  • ambulatory surgical centers
  • renal dialysis clinics
  • substance-abuse facilities
  • free-standing birth center (FSBC)
Institutions of Detention or Incarceration Plans Review Packet
  • jails
  • prisons
  • juvenile detention centers


Nursing Home Plans Review Packet


  Residential Facility Plans Review Packet
  • adult day care centers
  • adult day health care centers
  • adult residential facilities
  • assisted-living facilities
  • child residential facilities
  • child transitional facilities
  • community homes
  • group homes