CCN Evaluation Score Sheets

The following information is listed for historical purposes only. It will not be updated.

LDH used a consensus scoring process to extensively evaluate all proposals. Five teams separately reviewed each proposal to examine a specific aspect of that proposer's ability to provide services for Medicaid recipients:

  • Team 1: Qualifications and Experience; Added Value to Louisiana
  • Team 2: Planned Approach to Project; Provider Network; Fraud and Abuse
  • Team 3: Member Enrollment and Disenrollment; Member Materials; Customer Service; Emergency Management Plan; Grievances and Appeals
  • Team 4: Chronic Care/Disease Management; Service Coordination; Utilization Management; EPSDT; Quality Management
  • Team 5: Third Party Liability (CCN-P only); Claims Management; Information System

The teams met independently to score their specific areas, and then the review committee combined the five teams' scores to determine each proposal's total score.

CCN Prepaid Evaluation Score Sheets

CCN Shared Savings Evaluation Score Sheets