COVID-19 Contacts for Technical Assistance

Last updated January 25,2021.

Pfizer Customer Service        

For confirmation of the ancillary kit shipment  

For communication from Controlant, including:  

  • Notice at time of vaccine shipment with tracking information  
  • Exceptions for either shipment delay or cancellation  

Delivery Quality Report  

24/7 support inbox and line. Contact this address for issues or call 1-701-540-4039 or 1-855-442-668765 to reach the Controlant 24/7 hotline.  

All temperature notifications and alerts will come from this email address. This address must be unblocked to receive temperature notifications.  

Inbox for government relations (state & federal) and USG dashboard only. Hospitals/clinics should not contact this address.  

For communications from McKesson regarding MODERNA vaccine order shipments  

For communication from McKesson about ancillary kits  

VaccineFinder onboarding email to set up an account (no-reply)    

COVID-19 DCH new user registration details and Two-Factor Authentication via email     

Help desk for Provider Enrollment and Data Lake questions    


VAMS help desk 


*** VAMS Help is intended for Jurisdiction and Clinic users. Recipients and Employer/Org POCs should first use their Jurisdiction help desk 

VAMS Help Desk: 1-833-957-1100


VAMS help desk Web Form accessible from VAMS by selecting “Get Help” in the top right header after logging into VAMS


  • Registration for Clinic, Employer, and Jurisdiction Portals 
  • Confirmation of bulk upload files for 3rd Party recipients, organization and employee bulk imports    
  • System notifications (i.e. system downtime, trainings, etc.)    

One time passwords during login, recipient registration     

Recipient email communications related to appointments    

Auto-generated emails for Recipient Portal and two-factor authentication for VAMS   

Depending on some email server configurations, we have heard of rare cases where emails are delivered directly from Salesforce. Potential cases include password resets and interacting with VAMS Help Desk Agents 

  • reply@envelope.mail.vams 
  • * 

VTrckS Provider Order Portal (VPoP) new user registration details and Two-Factor Authentication via email (Federal and Pharmacy Partners ONLY)     


Data Clearinghouse (DCH) emails  


 Additional Resources

Below is a contact list to help with addressing problems.

I need help with…  


Pfizer vaccine shipment has a problem  

Pfizer Customer Service  

Phone #: (800) 666-7248   


Pfizer ancillary kit has a problem  

McKesson Customer Service  

Phone #: 833-272-6634  


Moderna vaccine shipment has a problem  

Vaccine Viability – Temperature Excursions during shipment for McKesson Specialty Distributed COVID Vaccine  

  • Supports calls/emails from provider/admin sites and awardee or federal/pharmacy ordering points of contact.  
  • Questions/concerns about vaccine viability issues during shipment must be reported on the same day as delivery.   

Phone: (833) 272-6635 Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET   

Email:  (only send email if after hours)  

Moderna ancillary kit has a problem  

McKesson Customer Service  

Phone #:  833-272-6634  


Temperature excursions within the Clinic/Site  

Call Vaccine Manufacturer  

General IIS Inquiries  

IIS Support:  

Provider Enrollment Data  

IZ Data Lake Support:  

VTrckS Ordering, Provider Master Data, Returns & Wastage Extracts  

VTrckS ExIS Support:  

VPoP (Federal Partners):  

VaccineFinder Inventory Data  

VaccineFinder:**NEW ADDRESS**  


VaccineFinder assistance with log-in, passwords, or file uploads 

Reporting Administration Data via CVRS Data Extract  

CVRS Support:  

Data Clearinghouse  

Pharmacy Liaison  


These help options are only for jurisdictions and providers using VAMS:  

  • VAMS Help Desk: 1-833-957-1100 **preferred contact method**  
  • VAMS Help:  


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