Louisiana Coroners and Death Investigator Resources

The Bureau of Family Health (BFH) is committed to strengthening and developing our Mortality Surveillance Program which includes Fetal and Infant Death Review (FIMR), Child Death Review (CDR) and Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review (PAMR). All of these processes required significant cooperation from our statewide partners including but not limited to hospitals, law enforcement, community organizations/coroners.


Our relationships with coroners vary greatly from one parish to another making it difficult to collect complete and timely data. We recognize that our message has not always been clear in the past and the confusion surrounding what we are asking has made it difficult for some coroners to comply. In an effort to create a strong working relationship with all Louisiana Coroners we would like to make things as straight forward as possible for our collaborators. Please use this page as a reference and point of clarification. This site and process are works in progress so please contact us (Victoria.Smith2@la.gov) with any questions, comments and concerns.


Thank you in advance for your assistance and we appreciate your collaboration.

Resources for Coroners and Death Scene Investigators:

Coroners and Death Investigator Role in Mortality Surveillance
SUID Investigation Training for Coroners and Death Scene Investigators 
Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Autopsy and Investigation Reporting Form Reimbursement 
Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigation Reporting Form (SUIDIRF) ***NEW 2020 VERSION***
Documenting Cause of Death 
Additional Information on SUID
Contact Information