Disabled Children's Medical Equipment and Services for the Home

Services provided in the home

Personal Care Services (PCS)

Personal care services are provided by a trained attendant, when disability, illness or injury causes a child to require assistance with eating, bathing, dressing and personal hygiene.

PCS does not include medical tasks, such as giving medication, tube feeding, or care of an indwelling catheter or tracheotomy.

PCS is not a substitute for child care.


Extended Home Health

This is a medically necessary home nursing care for persons that need more than Personal Care Services skills. Home Health agencies can also provide physical, occupational and speech therapy in the home if this is medically necessary. Home health Services for children and youth are not limited by frequency or duration.

A physician must order this service, and Extended Home Health Services must also be prior authorized.


Medical Equipment and Supplies

Children are entitled to any medically necessary medical supplies, equipment and appliances needed to correct, improve or assist in dealing with physical or mental conditions.

This includes lifts and other devices to help the family deal with a child's circumstances, and also some medically necessary dietary nutritional assistance.

Medical Equipment and Supplies must be prescribed by a physician and prior authorized.


If you are unable to locate a Home Health provider of Extended Care Services or a Personal Care Services (PCS) provider, or if you have an authorization for services but are not receiving them, contact your support coordinator or call 1-888-342-6207.