EPSDT Personal Care Services

(See Long Term--Personal Care Services (LT-PCS) for Medicaid recipients ages 65 or older, or age 21 or older with disabilities)

Physician and Personal Care Attendant Agencies


All Medicaid recipients 0 through 20 years of age not receiving Individual Family Support waiver services. However, once a recipient receiving Individual Family Support waiver services has exhausted those services they are then eligible for EPSDT Personal Care Services.

Recipients of Children's Choice Waiver can receive both PCS and Family Support Services on the same day; however, the services may not be rendered at the same time.


  • Basic personal care-toileting & grooming activities.
  • Assistance with bladder and/or bowel requirements or problems.
  • Assistance with eating and food preparation.
  • Performance of incidental household chores, only for the recipient
  • Accompanying, not transporting, recipient to medical appointments.
  • Does NOT cover any medical tasks such as medication administration, tube feedings, urinary catheters, ostomy or tracheostomy care.


The Personal Care Agency must submit the Prior Authorization request. 

Recipients receiving Support Coordination (Case Management Services) must also have their PCS Prior Authorized by DXC Technology. 

PCS is not subject to service limits. Units approved will be based on medical necessity and the need for covered services.

Recipients receiving Personal Care Services must have practitioner's prescription and meet medical criteria.

Does not include medical tasks.

Provided by licensed providers enrolled in Medicaid to provide personal care services.


Norma Seguin           225/342-7513