Facility Need Review (FNR) Information: Change of Location

A Provider undergoing a change of location

  • within the same licensed service area
    • Submit the following:
      • a signed attestation/letter of the change of location with:
        • the license number
        • state ID
        • old address and
        • new address.
    • Email the signed attestation to HSSFNRProgram@la.gov or mail it to LDH, Health Standards Section, P.O. Box 3767, Baton Rouge, LA 70821 
  • outside of the licensed service area shall submit:
    • a new FNR application,
    • documentation
    • appropriate fee and
    • undergo the FNR initial approval process.


Checking the Status of your FNR Application

Facility Need Review Reports  (LTC-1, LTC-2, MR-1, MR-2)

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Genella Carter - Program Manager

Tammy Walton - Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 225-342-0132 

FNR Email: HSSFNRProgram@la.gov