FAQ - Impacts to Medicaid Programs

CHIP Pregnant Woman Program Impact

  1. Will the CHIP Plan that covers non-citizens who are pregnant change at all? Will non-citizens remain eligible for prenatal care and coverage under this program after Medicaid expansion?
    The CHIP Pregnant Woman program is not changing in any way as a result of Medicaid expansion 

QMB Programs Impact

  1. Will we continue to have QMB Programs after Medicaid Expansion?
    Yes. Medicaid expansion does not impact the Medicare Savings Programs (QMB, SLMB, and Qualified Individuals) in any way.

Spend Down Medically Needy Program

  1. Will the Medicaid Spend Down Medically Needy Program (MNP) still exist after Medicaid expansion on 7/1/16?
    Yes. There is no change for persons who meet the Medicaid age (65 and above) or disability (unable to work for twelve months or longer) categorical requirements as they are not eligible for coverage in the New Adult group. Note that Resources will continue be an eligibility requirement in the MNP Spend Down Program.