FAQ - Outreach

 Outreach Materials

  1. Where can I download a pdf of the Medicaid Expansion Healthy Louisiana outreach flyer to print and distribute?
    Go to healthy.la.gov, the Medicaid expansion website and click the link on the Resources link on the left.

  2. Would it be possible to have the materials you are developing available in Spanish and Vietnamese?
    Outreach materials are being translated into Spanish and Vietnamese. English versions have been posted.

 Website for Medicaid Expansion Information

  1. Where can we locate information on the internet?


  1. What do I need to do request an outstationed Medicaid eligibility worker?
    Information and associated forms can be viewed and downloaded from the Healthy.la.gov website under the Resources link.

  2. Is the Outstation worker a representative that is employed by the hospital or is this someone that LDH will send to the site?
    The outstationed Medicaid eligibility worker will be a trained LDH employee.

  3. If this is a current employee of the site, will LDH provide funding to the site for the employee (paid per application or a flat fee)?
    LDH will continue to reimburse Medicaid Application Centers for applications. In addition, certain providers, including hospitals owned by a hospital service district may be able to obtain federal match for their direct costs for Medicaid outreach and enrollment assistance (i.e., salary and benefits for Medicaid application center representatives, equipment, and communications). For more information, please contact Randy.Davidson@la.gov.

  4. Will the equipment needed to process applications be provided by LDH?
    Yes, LDH will provide the necessary computer software and hardware. The host site is responsible for providing phone lines and Internet access.