Facility Need Review


Effective, July 6, 1990, Pursuant to La. RS 40:2116, the Louisiana Department of Health, in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, has established a facility need review process consistent with the regulations for licensure for facilities and for Title XIX of the Social Security Act. The Louisiana Department of Health does not issue nor have a requirement for certificate of need (CON) for licensed health care entities.

 The Facility Need Review (FNR) is to determine whether there is a need for additional beds or specific provider to be licensed or to be enrolled to participate in the Medicaid Program. These provider types require an approved Facility Need Review (FNR) prior to applying for initial licensure in the state of Louisiana.

The department will conduct an FNR for the following provider types to determine if there is a need to license additional units, providers or facilities:

*Certain services or modules of a home- and community-based service provider may be excluded from the facility need review process at the discretion of the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health

The Facility Need Review Rule discloses information regarding:

  • Additional Beds for Replacement Facility
  • Alternate use of Licensed Approved Title XIX Beds
  • Nursing Facilities- under moratorium
  • Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled- under moratorium
  • Conversion of Medicaid Approved Nursing Facility Beds to Adult Residential Care Provider Units
  • Relocation of Nursing Facility Beds
  • Revocation of Facility Need Review Approvals
  • Nursing Facility Bed Abeyance
  • Exception Criteria for Bed Approvals
  • Administrative Appeals

Facility Need Review Information:

  • Facility Need Review Rule (LAC 48:I Chapter 125): click here
  • Notice of Intent – Facility Need Review (LAC 48.I.Chapter 125), Louisiana Register, April 20, 2024: click here
  • 2022 Legislative Session: Senate Bill 30 / Act 531
  • Relocation of Nursing Facility Beds (LAC 48:I. Chapter 125, Subchapter D, §12529), Louisiana Register September 20, 2021 – Final Rule: click here

How to Apply for Facility Need Review:

    • To apply for a Facility Need Review (initial application or Change of Ownership only) via online process, click here
    • To apply for a Facility Need Review by electronic mail (e-mail) or via postal service, click here
    • To apply for Facility Need Review change of location only, click here
    • To view LDH Service areas (please enter the region number as the service area on your application), click here

Checking the Status of your FNR Application

Facility Need Review Reports  (LTC-1, LTC-2, MR-1, MR-2)

Frequently Asked Questions


Program Contact Information

Genella Carter - Program Manager

Tammy Walton - Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 225-342-0132 

FNR Email: HSSFNRProgram@la.gov