Freedom of Choice Provider Listing

For Individuals and Families

To access providers in your area, use the map below and simply click the region where you live to browse providers by type of service.

For Providers

If you are a provider and would like to be added to the listing OR if you are a provider and would like to make changes regarding your current information, please complete the Medicaid Freedom of Choice List for Waiver Services - Provider Request Form, click here (Updated).

Provider Questionnaire

Selecting a service provider is an important decision for persons accessing the OCDD service delivery system. In an effort to assist persons/families with making an informed decision, OCDD has developed a questionnaire to be completed by the service provider. By taking a few minutes to complete this questionnaire you will be able to describe all the supports, services and specialties that your agency has to offer to those we serve. OCDD will make the information available on our webpage, freedom of choice listing, for persons/families to review. If your agency is interested in providing this information, please complete the questionnaire and submit it electronically to You can access the form by clicking here.




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