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Medicaid administers several programs that provide various health care coverage services to children and families who meet certain eligibility qualifications.



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I am a low-income parent, and I need health insurance for my children.

Louisiana Medicaid, which provides health care coverage to children and families who meet certain income qualifications.

I need health insurance for my children, but I make too much to get Medicaid.

LaCHIP, which offers health insurance to children.  Learn more.

LaCHIP Affordable Plan, which covers children whose parents earn too much to qualify for LaCHIP.   Learn more.

I have a disability and want to work, but I'm afraid of losing my Medicaid coverage.

Medicaid Purchase Plan, which helps people with disabilities keep Medicaid benefits they qualify for while they work.  Learn more.

I have a child with a disability, but I make too much to qualify for Medicaid.

Family Opportunity Act Medicaid, which lets higher-income families who have children with disabilities buy in to the Medicaid program for health care coverage. Learn more.

Act 421 Children’s Medicaid Option (TEFRA) - For certain children under the age of 19 with disabilities who meet an institutional level of care. Provides full medical coverage to children whose assets do not exceed $2,000 in value and whose income does not exceed three times the federal benefit rate. Learn more.

I am looking for dental services for my child ages 0-20 or denture services for members age 21+.

Dental Services are provided through two dental Benefit Managers. LDH has contracted with DentaQuest and MCNA Dental to provide dental benefits for qualified Medicaid enrollees. Learn more.


For information about any of these programs, call the Louisiana Medicaid Customer Service Hotline at 1.888.342.6207. The call is free.

You can apply for any Medicaid programs/services through the Louisiana Medicaid Online Application Center.


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