For SchoolsMedical studies show that school-age children, along with their teachers and parents, are at a higher risk for catching the flu. During flu season, which lasts from late fall until early spring, students who get sick can easily spread flu to other students or teachers, who can then spread the flu to their families. To help students, teachers and families stay healthy this flu season, LDH health and medical experts, along with colleagues at the Louisiana Department of Education and local school districts, have planned and prepared a series of tools and resources for school administrators, teachers, parents and students to help them fight the flu.

Lesson Plans

One of the best ways to fight the flu in schools is to educate students about prevention methods. LDH has worked with the Louisiana Department of Education to develop lesson plans for teachers across the state to teach elementary-aged kids about symptoms of the flu, how to help fight the spread of the flu, and other important tips for staying healthy.

Teachers can download the lesson plans at the links below. By working together with local school districts, teachers, and parents, we can all teach our kids fight the flu.

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