Forensic Supervised Transitional Residential and Aftercare Facilities

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Health Standards Section issues Forensic Supervised Transitional Residential and Aftercare Facilities licenses. Once a license has been issued it shall be valid until its expiration date, unless otherwise revoked, suspended, or terminated.

Initial License Application Required Documentation:

1. License Application Checklist

2. A license application approved by Health Standards Section must be completed.

3. Applicable licensing fees ($250). There has been a change in the Payment Procedure please follow the link for instructions.  This fee is not refundable in the event the facility fails to meet the licensing requirements and HSS determines that a license could not be issued.

4. A Letter of Intent must accompany each licensing application describing the DBA name of the facility to be licensed, the geographical address of the ASC requesting to be licensed, the anticipated date of completion of the ASC or the anticipated date by which the facility would be ready for licensing, and the types of surgical specialties to be provided in the ASC.

5. Architectural plan approval letter from Plan Review

6. Small floor plan sketch to identify all areas of the FSTRA as to its use.

7. Office of State Fire Marshal certificate for occupancy.

8. Office of Public Health certificate for occupancy.

9. Notification to Health Standards Section that application has been filed with the La. Board of Pharmacy for the FSTRA’s Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) license.

An on-site announced licensing survey will only be scheduled and conducted by HSS after completion of Items 1-9.

Regulations/Minimum Standards for Licensure