Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership Transparency Report

Act 212 of the 2013 Regular Legislative Session

The charge of Act 212 of the 2013 Regular Legislative Session was to provide transparency relative to Medicaid managed care programs. Within the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH), this involves the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership (LBHP) and its included Coordinated System of Care (CSoC). Included below are links to the FY 2013 report and its included addenda.

FY 2013 LBHP Transparency Report


Act 212 Data Book: The data sheets listed below are numbered by the corresponding request in Act 212.

  1. LGE Information
  2. List of all providers by LGE, type, credentialing status and specialty
  3. Medicaid & non-Medicaid enrollees by parish
  4. Total and monthly number of adult medicaid enrollees by parish
  5. Total and monthly number of non-Medicaid adults by parish
  6. Total and monthly number of CSoC enrollees by parish
  7. Total and monthly number of non-CSoC, Medicaid youth by parish
  8. Total and monthly number of non-CSoC, non-Medicaid youth by parish
  9. Percentage of calls referred for services by parish
  10. Average time for confirmation and referral for services
  11. Percentage of referrals considered immediate, urgent or routine by parish
  12. Percentage of clean claims by provider type & average days to pay claims by LGE
  13. Claims denied by: lack of documentation,  proper authorization, or service not covered
  14. Percentage of members providing consent for release of information to PCP
  15. Outpatient member in Emergency Room with behavioral health diagnosis
  16. (17a) Total funding paid by State for claims to providers
  17. (18c) Children's rate changes

Magellan Income Statements

Louisiana UM Program Description 2013

QI-UM Program Evaluation 2012-2013

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