HCBS Data Management and EVV Services RFP Procurement Library

 The Louisiana Department of Health is soliciting competitive proposals from qualified proposers for the procurement of a system for HCBS Data Management and EVV services.

If you have any questions, please contact the RFP coordinator, Reginald Dumas, at Reginald.Dumas2@la.gov

 Below are all documents related to this RFP:

  1. OCDD and OAAS Business Rules for Waivers 
  2. TMSIS Data Elements (OAAS-OCDD)
  3. EPSDT Comprehensive Plan of Care
  4. EPSDT Data Fields
  5. CMS EVV Outcomes Based Certification Criteria
  6. New Opportunities Waiver Flexing Units
  7. OCDD Sharing Across Waivers Detail
  8. Adult Day Health Care Fact Sheet 
  9. Adult Day Health Care Fee Schedule 
  10. Adult Day Health Care Provider Manual
  11. Adult Day Health Care Waiver Application
  12. Children's Choice Fact Sheet
  13. Children's Choice Fee Schedule
  14. Children's Choice Waiver Application
  15. Children's Choice Waiver Provider Manual
  16. Community Choices Waiver Application
  17. Community Choices Waiver Fact Sheet
  18. Community Choices Waiver Fee Schedule
  19. Community Choices Waiver Provider Manual
  20. EPSDT Support Coordination Handbook
  21. Long Term Personal Care Services and EPSDT Provider Manual
  22. Long Term Personal Care Services Fact Sheet
  23. Long Term Personal Care Services Fee Schedule
  24. New Opportunities Waiver Application
  25. New Opportunities Waiver Fact Sheet
  26. New Opportunities Waiver Fee Schedule
  27. New Opportunities Waiver Provider Manual
  28. Residential Options Waiver Application
  29. Residential Options Waiver Fact Sheet
  30. Residential Options Waiver Fee Schedule
  31. Residential Options Waiver Provider Manual
  32. Supports Waiver Application
  33. Supports Waiver Fact Sheet
  34. Supports Waiver Fee Schedule
  35. Supports Waiver Provider Manual