OCDD Home and Community-Based Documents for Public Review and/or Input

Please provide any comments and/or input regarding Residential Options Waiver (ROW) by November 18, 2015 and sent to: ocdd-hcbs@la.gov

Note: To ensure clarity - Please note that we have posted as separate document, the draft ROW transition implementation plan to facilitate the OASS CCW and ADHC transition individuals who have OCDD SOA's.

The Notice of Intent related to the creation of a reserved capacity group for individuals with a developmental disability and who have a SOA for the Office of Citizens with Developmental Disability Services and who currently are enrolled in either OASS' Community Choice or Adult Day Health Care Wavier and to add the AdHC sevice to the ROW has been published in the October 20, 2015 LA Register page 2228 and 2229 at http://www.doa.la.gov/Pages/osr/reg/regs2015.aspx

Any comments and/or input must be received by December 17, 2014 and may be sent to ocdd-hcbs@la.gov.

Please note that the public comment period has been extended through February 27, 2015 for the Supports Waiver and March 12, 2015 for the Residential Options Waiver. (Comment period is now closed)