Required vaccinations to attend Louisiana schools

In accordance with Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:170 (as mandated by Act 10147 of 1990) effective January 1, 1991, institutions of Higher Learning must require proof of immunization for enrollment. All Schools of Higher Learning are required to maintain a record of the following for each student.

Measles Vaccine Requirements

Requirement for effective measles first dose.

  1. Given in 1968 or later; live vaccine without gamma globulin.
  2. Given on or after the 1st birthday.

Requirement for effective 2nd dose of measles.

  1. Given after 1968; live vaccine without gamma globulin.
  2. Given at any age as long as the first dose is given on or after 12 months of age, and the second dose given at least one month after the first dose.
  3. Required for all enterers born in 1957 or later.

Summary: Documentation of two doses of live measles containing vaccine; or documentation of prior physician-diagnosed measles disease; or laboratory evidence of measles immunity prior to entry for all students born in 1957 or after.

Proof of Mumps and Rubella immunization required for all new enterers.

  1. Documentation of Rubella Vaccine and Mumps Vaccine having been given.
  2. Documentation of immunity by a serologic test.

Tetanus and Diptheria (Td), or Tetanus Toxoid Reduced Diphtheria Acellular Pertussis Vaccine (Tdap) will be required for all individuals who have never been given a primary series, or who have not received a booster dose in the previous ten (10) years.

Proof of Meningococcal immunization is required for all college freshmen in accordance to Act 251 and 711 effective August 15, 2006.

Note: Students can participate in schools of higher learning without the required immunizations listed above if either of the following are presented:

  1.  a written statement from a physician stating that the procedure is contraindicated for medical reasons; or
  2. written dissent from student or student's parent/guardian.