Submission of Changes in Information and InactivationTransplant programs must notify the CMS (via the state survey agency) immediately of significant changes to the program that could affect its compliance with Medicare's requirements (required under 42 CFR 482.74).  The term "immediately" is considered to be within 7 business days of the change occurring.  These changes include - changes in key staff members and inactivation by the transplant program.

  • Changes in Key Staff - The Primary Transplant Surgeon or Primary Transplant Physician, as designated to the Organ Procurement Transplantation Network
  • Inactivation by the Transplant Program - The CMS must receive notification of a transplant program’s voluntary inactivation with Medicare at least 30 days prior to the planned inactivation date.
    • A transplant program may choose to voluntarily inactivate its program. If they do so, they must notify the patients on their waitlist and CMS of the inactivation.  The program must assist the patients if they want to transfer to another program as a result of the inactivation without loss of wait time.  A voluntary inactivation may not exceed 12 consecutive calendar months (§488.61(e))