Inspection Overview

Welcome to the Louisiana Department of Health, Retail Food Inspection site. This site offers us the opportunity to provide the citizens and visitors of Louisiana with information regarding food safety. Our goal is to enable the public to make informed decisions as food consumers.

Please note that we have made available a history of each establishment's inspection reports. This is very important because inspections are a "snapshot" in time and are not always reflective of the day- to- day operations and overall condition of an establishment.

Currently the retail food program permits and inspects nearly 32,000 retail food operations in Louisiana. Establishments are inspected on a risk category basis. This means that categories are assigned, and inspections performed one (1) to four (4) times per year, based on the type of operation. For example, a concession stand serving only popcorn and nachos would not be visited as often as a full service restaurant, which prepares many types of food. Inspectors do not announce their visits unless a time frame for compliance is given, and a re - inspection would be performed. Establishments are assigned one of four types of inspections: Routine, Re-inspection, Pre-opening or Complaint.

Violations fall into two main categories, (1) Critical, (2) non-Critical. Critical violations, if left uncorrected, are more likely to directly contribute to food contamination or illness. Non-Critical violations are not directly related to the cause of food borne illness, but if left uncorrected, could become critical.

This web site will be continually upgraded to include valuable and pertinent information being requested by the public.

While every effort is made to keep inspections accurate and up to date in an electronic format, the Office of Public Health is not responsible for discrepancies between violations posted on this site and the actual inspection reports maintained at the local OPH offices. The inspections follow safe food handling and preparation practices and sanitation rules of the Sanitary Code, LAC Title 51, Part XXIII, and do not address such subjective matters as taste and popularity.

This site is updated on a daily basis; however, in an effort to ensure the accuracy of each report, there is a seven (7) day delay before posting inspections.