Lead and Copper Rule Materials Inventory Depot

In the early 1990’s, community and non-transient non-community water systems were required to complete a materials evaluation of their distribution system in order to identify a pool of targeted sampling sites to be used in the water system’s lead and copper sampling plan (40 CFR §141.86(a) and LAC 51:XII.1703).

The intent of the materials evaluation was to identify high-risk locations by determining the materials of construction present in the water system’s distribution system including the piping, solder, caulking, and interior lining of distribution mains, alloys and home plumbing.  In addition, the materials evaluation was required to include locations served by a lead service line and/or other lead plumbing served by the water system.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has requested States to work with their public water systems to improve transparency regarding the implementation of the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR).  On July 11, 2016, LDH sent out a memo to all large public water systems (those serving more than 50,000 persons) requiring them to submit a materials inventory of their distribution system; including locations of lead services lines, together with any updates to the inventory and map(s) of lead service lines and lead plumbing in the system if present.

The following table summarizes the submittals we have received from each water system.   This site will continue to be updated as new information is received.  If you have a specific question pertaining to the materials of your service line or plumbing please contact your water system directly.

Water systems greater than 50,000 people

 Parish PWSID Public Water System Submission Date Submission Lead Service Lines
Bossier LA1015004  City of Bossier  2/6/2018 Submission None 
Caddo  LA1017031  Shreveport    No response   
Calcasieu LA1019029 City of Lake Charles   No response   
East Baton Rouge LA1033005 Baton Rouge  8/31/2016  BR Water Reports  None
Iberia  LA1045009  New Iberia (LAWCO)    No response   
Jefferson  LA1051001  East Jefferson Water District 1  8/5/2016  Submission None 
Jefferson  LA1051004  West Jefferson Water District 2  8/5/2016  Submission None 
Lafayette LA1055017 Lafayette Utilities 8/4/2016 Submission None
Lafourche LA1057001 Lafourche Water District 1 8/22/2016 Submission None
Livingston LA1063039 Ward II Water District  3/7/2018 Submission  
Orleans LA1071001 New Orleans Algiers Waterworks   No response  
Orleans LA1071009 New Orleans Carrollton Waterworks   No response   
Oauchita LA1073031 Monroe   No response   
Rapides LA1079001 City of Alexandria 8/31/2016 Submission   
Terrebonne LA1109002 Schriever Water Treatment Service Area    No response



Water systems serving between 10,000 and 50,000 people

 Parish PWSID Public Water System Submission Date Submission Lead Service Lines
Acadia LA1001002 Crowley Water System (LAWCO)   No response   
Ascension LA1005030 City of Gonzales Water System 3/27/2018 Link  
Assumption LA1007001 Assumption Parish WW District 1 3/23/2018 Submission None
Avoyelles LA1009006 Town of Evergreen 3/23/2018 Submission None
Beauregard LA1011001 City of Deridder  3/27/2018  Submission  
Beauregard LA1011008 Beauregard Waterworks District #3    No response   
Bossier LA1015018 Village Water System  2/8/2018   Link None 
Bossier LA1015022 Barksdale AFB Water System


Submission  None 
Caddo LA1017006 Blanchard Water System 2/13/2018   Submission None 
Calcasieu LA1019044  Sulphur City Of Water System   No response   
Calcasieu LA1019051  Calcasieu Parish Ww District No 1 3/23/2018  Submission  None 


Calcasieu Parish Ww Dist 9 Carlyss  4/13/2018  Submission  None 
East Baton Rouge LA1033003  City Of Baker Water System   No response   
East Baton Rouge LA1033030 Zachary Water System   3/27/2018 Submission  None 
Iberville LA1047005 City of Plaquemine    No response  
Jefferson  LA1051003 Gretna Waterworks   No reponse  
Jefferson Davis LA1053003 City of Jennings 2/7/2018 Submission None
Lafayette LA1055156 LPWD South 2/19/2018 Link None 
Lafayette LA1055191 LPWDN North Region 4/9/2018 Submission None
Lafourche LA1057003 Thibodaux Waterworks 3/29/2018 Submission  
Lincoln LA1061017 Ruston Water System 3/28/2018 Link None
Livingston LA1063004 City of Denham Springs 3/27/2018 Submission None
Livingston LA1063017 Walker Water System 3/6/2018 Submission  
Morehouse LA1067003 Bastrop Water System 3/29/2018 Link  
 Natchitoches LA1069007 Natchitoches Water System 3/2/2018 Submission  None 
Oauchita LA1073055 West Hwy 80 Ark Rd Water System 3/28/2018 No response  
Oauchita LA1073056 West Monroe Water System   No response  
Oauchita LA1073071 Lakeshore Swartz Water System 2/28/2018 No response  
Plaquemines LA1075001 Belle Chasse Water District 3/22/2018 Submission None
Rapides LA1079004 Buckeye Water District 50   No response  
Rapides LA1079016 City of Pineville 3/24/2018 Submission None 
Rapides LA1079017 Rapides Parish Waterworks District 3   No response  
St Bernard LA1087001 St Bernard Waterworks 2/14/2018 Submission None
St Charles LA1089001 St Charles Water District 1 East Bank   Submission  None
St Charles LA1089002 St Charles Water District 2 West Bank   Submission None 
St John the Baptist LA1095003 St John Water District 1   No response  
St John the Baptist LA1095007 St John Water District 3   No repsonse  
St Landry LA1097010 Opelousas Water System   No response  
St Landry LA1097022 Eunice Water System (LAWCO)   No response  
St Martin LA109905 Cecilia Water Corporation 3/22/2018 Submission None
St Martin LA1099008 Villae of Parks 3/5/2018 Submission None
St Mary LA1101005 Morgan City 5/3/2018 Submission None
St Tammany LA1103005 Bayou Liberty Water Association 3/28/2018 Submission None
St Tammany LA1103011 Covington Water Supply 3/8/2018 Submission None
St Tammany LA1103013 Eden Isles Water Supply 3/28/2018 Submission None
St Tammany LA1103023 Mandeville Water Supply 2/21/2018 Submission None
St Tammany LA1103041 Slidell Water Supply 3/12/2018 Submission None
St Tammany LA1103079 St Tam Parish - Briarwood Terrace 3/19/2018 Submission None
Tangipahoa LA1105008 Tangipahoa Parish Water District 3/30/2018 Submission None
Tangipahoa LA1105009 City of Hammond 3/20/2018 Submission  
Terrebonne LA1109001 Houma Water Treatment Service Area   No response  
Vermilion LA1113001 City of Abbeville 3/26/2018 Submission None
Vermilion LA1113034 Water Works District #1 of Vermilion   No response  
Washington LA1117001 City of Bogalusa 5/10/2018 Submission  
Webster LA1119021 Minden Water System   No response  
West Baton Rouge LA1121018 WBR Water Works District 2 4/2/2018 No response  


Small Water Systems Material Inventory - 3,301-10,000

Contact local plumbing/building department for records that may indicate the dates of construction and plumbing materials installed within publicly and privately owned structures.  Note that the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) lead ban requiring the use of “lead-free” plumbing for drinking water took effect in Louisiana in 1988. Buildings constructed after this date would not legally contain lead solder and it required pipes, fittings and fixtures to contain no more than 8.0 percent lead. Also, Louisiana Act 362, which became effective January 1, 2013, further reduced the lead content of pipes, fittings and fixtures from not more than 8.0 percent lead to not more than a weighted average of 0.25 percent lead.