COVID-19: LDH Employee Guidance & Resources

LDH Employee Guidance - updated 6/7/2023

COVID-19 Questions & Concerns

To give employees a single point of entry to report concerns, ask questions, etc. HR has created an email address:

LDH employees can send their CV-related questions to this new email and someone from the team will respond. Employees should include a call back number or different email address to send responses.

IMPORTANT: Disaster time sheets (HR-48B) or questions regarding the time sheet are NOT to be submitted to the email address above. Any HR-48s sent to the email address will not be processed.  Other HR emails are: 

HR-48 and HR-48B Forms

Effective Mon, 6/22/2020, employees can begin utilizing the new and improved HR-48B (Disaster Operation Time Sheet), Rev. 6/2020. The purpose of this time sheet is to obtain documentation of disaster operations work that will meet Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requirements for reimbursable time and to accurately capture all hours worked during a State declared emergency situation.  This sheet is to be utilized for persons working from home or any site INCLUDING the Emergency Operations Center, GOHSEP or Shelter.

Expenditure tracking and payroll instructions for COVID-19On March 10, 2020, via Memorandum OSRAP 20-16, state agencies were notified of the requirements to track all expenditures and lost revenues relating to or resulting from COVID-19. 

In order to expedite Expenditure Approval related to COVID-19, the Expenditure Tracking Form will ALSO serve as the Expenditure Freeze Form.  The Expenditure Tracking Form is to be signed by the Budget Unit Head/Supervisor or LDH EOC Fiscal Chief.  NO FURTHER SIGNATURES will be needed to approve the expenditure for COVID-19.  This form should be submitted to vendor payments with invoice payment request, to travel for travel related expenses, and with P-Card Statements in lieu of the Expenditure Freeze form for COVID-19 Expenses.  Include Gina Meyer on all submissions of COVID-19 expense request.  

Please review the following documents for more information: