Lead Public Education and Consumer Notices

The lead action level for community and non-transient non-community water systems has been set at 15 ppb (0.015 mg/L) by the USEPA.  Compliance is determined based on a 90th percentile value.

Lead Public Education

Community and non-transient non-community water systems that exceed the 15 ppb for their 90th percentile value must distribute public education to all of its customers and evalaute installation of corrosion control to reduce lead levels.

Below is an example brochure that water systems can distribute to their customers that contains information on lead and what consumers can do to prevent or lessen their exposure.


Lead Consumer Notices

Lead consumer notices are a requirement brought about by the Lead and Copper Short-Term Revisions.  The water system is required to send a notice of results to consumers who participate in the lead and copper sampling program.  Upon receiving the result from the State, the water system is required to distribute to its' participants the result for lead that was obtained as well as lead information for the homeowner or resident.  Certification of the distribution of the consumer notices must be submitted to the State.  

Lead Consumer Notice for Community water systems (CWS)

Lead Consumer Notice for Non-transient Non-Community water systems (NTNCWS)


Additional Information on Lead