LEERS Death Module

Registration Forms

A completed and signed User ID Request form is required for each individual LEERS user. 

Physician/Coroner User ID Request

Funeral Home User ID Request

Physician/Coroner Staff User ID Request


SSA Louisiana Policy for Funeral Director Report of Death (SSA-721)

SSA Louisiana Policy for Report of Death by Funeral Director (SSA-721) - Updated July 9, 2012

LEERS Worksheets

Worksheets allow users to collect information from staff or family members in the LEERS format for ease of entry into the electronic system. All worksheets are optional and offered solely as a convenience to users.

Funeral Home Informant Worksheet

Funeral Home Disposition Worksheet

Training Videos

All videos in .wmv format are designed to run with Windows operating systems and Windows Media Player. You can download the latest version of Windows Media Player free of charge.

If your player gives you a message that you are "missing a codec required to play this video," follow this link to install the codec from GoToMeeting that will allow you to view the videos.

1. LEERS Login and Home Page Overview

2. LEERS Death Module Home Page

3. LEERS Command Buttons

4. Initiating a Burial Transit Permit

5. Death Record Creation

6. Decedent Tab

7. Automatic SSN Verification

8. Personal Tab

9. Death Info Tab

10. Assignment Tab - Electronic Certification

11. Assignment Tab - Manual Certification

12. Physician/Coroner Certification

13. Returned from State Records

14. Transferring a Death Record

15. Online Certificate Ordering

User Guide

LEERS Death Module User Guide (PDF)


If you have questions about the death registration process, contact the LEERS Helpdesk at (504) 593-5101 or email leers@la.gov.