Louisiana's immunization-related laws

Important Update: Louisiana Administrative Code (Title 51, Louisiana Sanitary Code, Chapter 7, §703) was updated in April of 2020, and now makes it a requirement/mandatory that all licensed and credentialed immunization providers in Louisiana report all immunizations administered, regardless of patient age, and update patient demographics at each patient encounter to LINKS within one week of vaccine administration to the patient. To review the complete administrative code language on mandatory immunization reporting, click here.

Below is a list of Louisiana revised statutes relating to immunizations, vaccinations, and vaccines:

RS 17:170

Immunization of persons entering schools, kindergartens, colleges, proprietary or vocational schools, and day care centers for the first time; immunization of person entering sixth grade; electronic transmission of immunization compliance reports

RS 17:170.1

Immunizations of persons registering for courses at postsecondary education institutions requirements; exceptions; electronic transmission of immunization compliance reports

RS 17:170.2

Immunization information; meningococcal disease

RS 17:170.3

Immunization information; human papillomavirus

RS 17:170.4

Immunizations of certain persons against meningococcal disease; exceptions

RS 17:170.5

Immunization information; influenza

RS 17:1915

Ratification; text of compact

RS 17:3152

Consideration of criminal history; prohibited acts

RS 17:3996

Charter schools; exemptions; requirements

RS 17:407.26

The Cecil J. Picard LA 4 Early Childhood Program

RS 17:407.40

Rules, regulations and standards for licenses

RS 17:407.50

Immunization information; influenza

RS 17:407.50.1

Health-related policies; parental notification

RS 17:407.72


RS 22:1030

Immunizations; coverage

RS 22:1352


RS 28:911


RS 29:761


RS 29:762


RS 29:764

Public Health Emergency Plan

RS 37:1218

Administration of influenza immunization

RS 37:1218.1

Administration of immunizations and vaccines other than influenza immunizations

RS 37:1360.84

Prohibited and authorized practices

RS 40:1269.2


RS 40:2011

Immunization information; shingles; pneumonia

RS 40:2022

Pertussis; offer of vaccine required; exceptions

RS 40:2023

Availability of immunizations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

RS 40:2166.10

Immunization information; shingles; pneumonia

RS 40:2166.9

Immunization information; influenza

RS 40:2195.1

State Office of Rural Health

RS 40:31.11


RS 40:31.12


RS 40:31.13

Development of immunization registry and tracking and recall system; standards

RS 40:31.14

Authorization of release of immunization records

RS 40:31.15


RS 40:31.16

Parental consent; parental responsibility for immunization; exemptions

RS 40:31.36

Health unit fees

RS 40:4

Sanitary Code

RS 40:5

General powers and jurisdiction

RS 44:17

Immunization records; definitions; disclosure; liability; procedures

RS 46:1407

Rules, regulations and standards for licenses

RS 46:1428

Immunization information; influenza

RS 46:1443.3

Child Care and Development Fund state plan; access by homeless families to child care assistance

RS 46:153.3.1

Medicaid medication therapy management

RS 46:1906

Delinquents and children in need of services; custody, supervision, services

RS 46:231.4

Immunization compliance; exceptions

RS 46:2731

Health Trust Fund

RS 46:56

Applications and client case records; definitions; confidentiality; waiver; penalty

RS 46:977

Vaccinations for certain juveniles in state custody

RS 46:977.9

Healthcare benefits; cost sharing requirements