Louisiana's Unsung Heroes

Inside, you will find seven chapters of “Unsung Heroes” from all over Louisiana and other parts of the country. These seven chapters represent the areas of the state the Louisiana Spirit Hurricane Recovery Program covered with its services.

As you read these stories, from the bayous of Morgan City and Houma, to the soul of New Orleans, and from heart of North Louisiana to "cajun country" in Acadiana, you will find stories of hope, strength, courage and the will to heal and recover from two devastating storms.

These stories are just a few of the hundreds, and probably thousands of stories that can and have been told. Although Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will be a part of Louisiana’s history forever, so too will these stories of that shows how a state can heal together. So too, history will remember these  “Unsung Heroes”…

Acadiana's Unsung Heroes 2mb
Harmony's Unsung Heroes 1mb
Metro CCP's Unsung Heroes 1mb
Option For Independence's Unsung Heroes 1mb
Southwest Louisiana's Unsung Heroes 2mb
Central and North Louisiana's Unsung Heroes 1mb
VOA-Greater New Orleans' Unsung Heroes 2mb