MCO RFP Proposals - Humana

Cover Page LDH Redacted

Cover Sheet Confidential Information

Table of Contents Louisiana

2.2.2 Cover Letter

2.2.2 Board Resolution

2.9.1 Mandatory Quals Business Proposal

2.9.2 Proposer Certification

2.9.3 Moral or Religious Objections

2.9.4 Material Subcontractors

2.9.5 Financial Condition Appendix C Proposal Compliance Matrix Appendix D Certification Statement Appendix E

2.10.1 Executive Summary Proposer Experience Organizational Experience and Staff Tables Key Personnel Resumes Key Personnel Organization Chart Appendix F Humana Inc. Appendix F HIC Redacted Appendix F HP Inc. Appendix F HPS Inc. Appendix F Citra Appendix F DentaQuest Appendix F Southeast Trans Appendix F Superior Vision Appendix F TruHearing Appendix F VIA LINK Appendix F Arcadian Telepsychiatry Services LLC Appendix F OHS Appendix F 180 Health Proposer Reference Contact Information NCQA Accreditation

2.10.3 Enrollee Value Added Benefits

2.10.4 Population Health

2.10.4 5 Population Health Optional

2.10.5 Care Management Case Scenarios Case Scenarios Case Scenarios

Provider Network Listing Response Template

Provider Network Capacity Response Template

2.10.7 Provider Network LOI Template

2.10.8 Network Management

2.10.9 Provider Support

2.10.10 Utilization Management

2.10.11 Quality

2.10.12 Value Based Payment

2.10.13 Claims Management and Systems and Technical Requirements

2.10.14 Program Integrity

2.10.15 Veteran and Hudson Initiative

Attachment A Certificate of Authority

Attachment B Certificate of Compliance

Attachment C State Certification Financial Condition Attachments

Attachment D Humana Inc 10 K 2016

Attachment E Humana Inc 10 K 2017

Attachment F Humana Inc 10 K 2018

Attachment HH Arcadian 10 Q Report 2018

Attachment II Arcadian 10 K Report 2018

Attachment JJ Arcadian 10 Q Report 2019

Attachment A HHBPLA Letter of Good Standing Letter

Attachment A Open Pending Healthcare Cases

Attachment B Supporting Legal Docs

Attachment A Corrective Actions

Attachment A NCQA Certification FL Medicaid 2018

Attachment B NCQA Certification KY Medicaid 2018

Attachment A Humana's Clinical Practice Guidelines

2.10.11 Attachment B Quality Response Template

2.10.13 Claims Management and Systems Technical Requirements Attachments