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The June AC Contact meeting, originally scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th, will be canceled because it coincides with the Juneteenth holiday. The third Wednesday meeting schedule should resume on Wednesday, July 17, 2024.



Monthly Zoom Meetings (Registration is required)
             Third Wednesday each month – Please register for one session:       

  1. Morning Session -  9:00 AM  


          2. Afternoon Session – 1:30 PM




News and Updates 

  • Emergency Medical Services Eligibility & Claims during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (July 30, 2021)
  • Online applications shall be submitted in the presence of the applicant.  If this is not possible, submit the paper 1A signed by the applicant.  The 1A should be submitted by fax using the RightFAX cover which requires the Trusted User to sign indicating adherence to Medicaid guidelines.    A BHSF Clearance may be necessary to justify submission of the paper application which requires additional processing.


Health Benefit Plan Coverage           

Benefit  Service Type Code Insurance Type
Active Coverage Health Benefit Plan Coverage Medicaid
Deductible Health Benefit Plan Coverage Medicaid
Deductible Health Benefit Plan Coverage Medicaid
Limitations Emergency Services Medicaid
Benefit Description Health Benefit Plan Coverage Medicaid
Active Coverage     Medicaid
Co-Insurance   Medicaid
Co-Payment    Medicaid



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