Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Will current providers be grandfathered in under the first cycle or will all current network providers have to re-enroll?

No, current providers will not be grandfathered in under the first cycle of provider enrollment. Previously, managed care providers have not been required to enroll directly with Louisiana Medicaid through the fiscal intermediary. They have only completed the Medicaid enrollment process with a managed care organization (MCO). The new enrollment and screening process will be managed for all providers through the new web-based portal. This will bring the state into compliance with current federal requirements. All current providers, network and out-of-network, must complete the state’s enrollment process for claims to be approved by fee-for-service Medicaid and/or any of the MCOs.

What address on file with Medicaid is the invitation going to? 

For providers enrolled with an MCO, Gainwell Technologies will send the invitation to the mailing address that is on file with the MCO. For providers only enrolled in fee-for-service Medicaid and not with any of the MCOs, Gainwell Technologies will send the invitations to the service location address which they have on file.

If a provider needs to update their contact information, use the guidance below to determine how best to update their information.

  • Fee-for-service providers can update their service location address by completing this form.
  • MCO providers can update their mailing address and/or email address by contacting each MCO with which they are enrolled. MCO contacts can be found here.
  • Any provider contracted with Magellan can update their contact information through  Magellan’s provider portal
  • DentaQuest providers can update contact information by downloading this form and then emailing it to
  • MCNA providers should send updated contact information to, or mail to MCNA Dental, Attn: Credentialing, P.O. Box 740370, Atlanta, GA 30374-0370.

Will providers have individual logins for the Louisiana Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal?  Can providers revalidate by group?

Providers will have an individual log in based on their provider number. Most fee-for-service providers already have a provider number that Gainwell Technologies generated for them. Providers that do not have a provider number yet will receive one based on a unique provider type and NPI combination. The mailed invitation to use the portal for the first time will include the provider number and instructions for the provider to create their unique log in for the provider portal. Providers cannot use the portal to revalidate as a group.

If the information on the pre-populated form is incorrect, can the provider make changes?

Yes, the provider can correct information on the pre-populated form by typing directly into the field, except for a few important fields like provider type, tax ID, and paper check mailing address.

Note: The paper check mailing address will only be applicable to fee-for-service providers. This field is not applicable to MCO providers.

Will the portal use electronic signatures?

Yes, the portal will use electronic signatures. The portal will not require any uploaded or hand-signed forms.

Do non-licensed providers have to use the Louisiana Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal?

Yes, non-licensed providers must enroll with the state through the portal if they are indicated on a fee-for-service or MCO claim. For example, non-licensed mental health rehabilitation direct service workers are indicated on claims as a rendering provider, so they must use the portal.

Will providers be notified when it is time to revalidate their enrollment with Louisiana Medicaid?

Yes, providers will be notified when it is time to revalidate their Medicaid enrollment. Providers must revalidate their enrollment with the state at least once every five years, which is similar to the recredentialing process that all MCOs complete every three years.

Should fee-for-service providers wait for the invitation from Gainwell Technologies before enrolling on the Louisiana Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal?

Yes. Although providers are able to apply for revalidation using the current fee-for-service paper application, the enrollment process will be easier and quicker for providers if they wait until they receive their invitation to begin using the portal. Providers’ existing information will be pre-populated in the portal so they only have to update any information that has changed.

Will there be a public list posted of all providers who are due for revalidation?

No public listing of providers due for revalidation will be posted. Providers will be notified directly when it is time for them to log into the portal for their initial enrollment and when they are due for revalidation.

Will providers have access to a training video about how to use the Louisiana Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal?

Yes, LDH and Gainwell Technologies will host training webinars for providers before the portal is launched. A recorded webinar will also be posted online. Additionally, the invitations sent to providers to use the provider enrollment portal for the first time will include a link to a detailed instruction manual.