Louisiana Medicaid or LaCHIP MembersThe Healthy Louisiana program seeks to improve the health of those who are currently covered by Medicaid and those who will become eligible for coverage under Medicaid expansion. The State contracts with Health Plans from which you can choose.

The Department of Health has improved the coverage provided by Medicaid and LaCHIP to:

  • Give you choice in your health care.
  • Provide doctors and other health care professionals to cover the needs of you and your family. The Health Plans will be required to ensure timely access to your doctor and limited waits for appointments.
  • Connect you to a doctor’s office or clinic where your family will go for all health care needs. This is important because:
              o Your doctor gets to know you, your family and your health care needs.
              o Your medical records are all in one place.
              o You will have someone to call anytime for care or advice, even at night or on the weekends.
              o You can get treatment for common medical problems instead of having to visit the ER.