Mission of the Surveillance Program

The mission of the HIV/AIDS Surveillance Program is to

  • Monitor the HIV/AIDS epidemic over time;
  • Describe the changing characteristics of the epidemic;
  • Define its impact on various subpopulations;
  • Identify trends in modes of HIV transmission;
  • Monitor behaviors associated with HIV transmission;
  • Evaluate compliance with current Department of Health and Human Services. recommendations for care and treatment; and
  • Define mortality of HIV disease.

The Surveillance Program’s efforts are not complete until data have been compiled, analyzed and used by public health, medical, educational and general communities in the state.

Utilization of these data includes:

  • Increasing public understanding of HIV disease;
  • Assessing and directing prevention programs;
  • Evaluating prevention activities and services for persons living with HIV/AIDS;
  • Improving referral systems for appropriate prevention and care; and
  • Guiding public health policy.