MMIS Replacement Procurement Library

The following information is listed for historical purposes only. It will not be updated.


The procurement library information is categorized into four different formats: CD, Hardcopy,, and the Web Library. The spreadsheet listing this information is located here.

Information available on the CDs will involve vendors to visit our on-site procurement library and make copies of the CDs. Vendors are required to bring their own CDs.

The hardcopy information is available in groups to be copied at a local print shop listed below:

FedEX Office Print and Ship Center
525 Florida St.
Baton Rouge, La.  70801
Telephone:  225.378.3000

The documents contained in the groups will not be separated.  If a vendor wishes only one document to be copied, the entire group must be copied.  The vendor is responsible for the cost of the copies and is required to make payment arrangements with FedEX Print Center. is a public website which includes a large amount of information, such as training manuals, guides, etc.  It is encouraged that you visit this website to view the information that is available to you.

The web library lists information that may not be found on but can be shared publicly.

New Library Information 12.13.2010

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