News and Updates

December 19, 2018

The implementation of a new eligibility and enrollment system on November 13, 2018,  required some adjustments to Medicaid Application Center practices. While we have seen improved efficiency, we anticipated and planned for occasional and temporary issues in the first few months of operation. We are addressing those as soon as they are identified, including the following:

  • Duplication of tasks. This causes delayed processing. Please make the following adjustments in order to prevent duplicate tasks and delays from occurring:
    • We have updated the fillable AC-7 Rightfax cover in the AC Resource Library .  You must include this form on all submissions. 
      • Please use the fillable form when possible.  Handwritten documents are hard to read and often misinterpreted.    
      • Always indicate the associated Application ID in the appropriate space when submitting verifications.
    • Scan documents only once and at the same time (multiple scans and incomplete or partial scans are causing delays in processing).
    • If you submit an application in the Self-Service Portal, please do not scan the application pdf as well (this creates duplicate work).


TIP: The confirmation you receive after submitting an application indicates that it was submitted successfully. To check the status of your submitted applications, navigate to the My Application Center screen and click Applications. Please refer to the Application Center Functions User Guide for further assistance.