Nurse Aide Certification - Test for Recertification

A CNA is required to work at least 8 hours during every 24 month period (2 years) after becoming certified.  The work must be "nursing or nurse related," and must be in an approved setting.  The approved settings include: 

Health care providers licensed by the LDH including: nursing homes, hospitals, home health agencies, personal care attendant agencies, assisted living programs, hospice agencies, respite agencies, supervised independent living agencies, adult day health care programs and intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled (ICF/DD) programs







Private sitting or staffing agency work do not qualify as approved settings.  If the CNA has worked in an approved setting, the CNA should contact the provider and ask them to report the work history to the registry.  This could possibly be the work history needed for recertification.

In accordance with the Nurse Aide Training Rule, published May 20, 2012, certified nurse aides (CNAs) who do not have proof of at least eight hours of paid employment in an approved setting in a 24-month period may retest once within the two years immediately following the expiration of the certification to be recertified.

  1. Aides have one opportunity to test for recertification.  Aides who fail to test during this two-year period are required to retrain.
  2. Aides who do not pass both parts of the test (written/oral or skills) have to retrain.
  3. Aides are required to schedule the test and pay for the test.

Instructions to test for nurse aide recertification:
To determine if you are eligible to test or not eligible to test, go to to verify your certification status.

  1. If your certification status is "not certified", the date by which you would have to retest has not expired, and you have not already retested during the eligibility period listed, you are eligible to retest.
    • Print the registry page which verifies your status and certification period.  This page and current, official picture identification must be presented to the tester in order to be admitted to the test.
    • Complete the Prometric Nurse Aide application.  You must follow the directions on the application, or you will not be approved to schedule the test. 
  2. If your certification status is "not certified" and the date by which you would have to retest has expired, you are not eligible to test and will need to retrain.
  3. If you have already retested during the eligibility period listed but did not pass both parts of the test (written/oral or skills), you are not eligible to test and will need to retrain.
  4. If your certification status is "certified" and the date by which you would have to retest is blank, you are not eligible to retest.

Additional information regarding certification and work history are available here.


**You must retrain if it is greater than 2 years since expiration, or have unsuccessfully taken the recertification exam**