ePOC Enrollment Process

The Enrollment Process Introduction:

1. Before applying for enrollment in ePOC, each facility must designate at least 2 persons to receive the rights and passwords to access the ePOC system. Make sure these designated facility users have completed the online training.

  • Instructions to the online training can be found on the LDH Health Standards Section ePOC website at http://dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/page/1984.
  • Once the online training is completed, make sure to submit the "Attestation of Completion of Online ePOC Training" according to the instructions on the HSS webpage.

2. Each designated facility user must enroll to receive the rights to gain access to the ePOC system.

  • This access will allow ePOC users to: retrieve the Statement of Deficiencies online, view State Survey letters to providers online, enter the facility Plans of Correction into the ePOC system, as well as receive automated email notifications from the ePOC system regarding the status of the facility Plans of Correction.  

3. In order to enroll in ePOC online a facility user will need two accounts:

  • CMSNet account (for network access) and
  • QIES User account (ePOC online access)

Step 1-

  • The user obtains a CMSNet accout login ID/Password. The CMSNet account registration form is available at: https://www.qtso.com/cmsnet.html. Instructions for completing this form are posted on the website. User ID/Passwords are processed in the order they are received and users will have 2 emails from mdcn.mco@palmettoqba.com. First with their assigned login ID and second with the password and links to install documents, FAQs, and contact information.
  • Please note that a provider may request Individual Facility Access or may request Multiple Facility/Corporate Access.  The instructions are different depending on which type of access is requested.  You can find information about both of these options at: https://www.qtso.com/accessepoc.html
  • Note: Users who have access to the Minimum Data Set (MDS) submissions may access the CMSNet system with their current login and password. The MDS user will have to request a second account login in order to access the ePOC system.

Step 2- The user obtains a ePOC account login ID/Password.

  • Begin at the QTSO.com CMSNet Information Page: https://www.qtso.com/cmsnet.html.
  • Select "CMSNET - Submission Access" followed by the appropriate state from the U.S. map.
  • Enter the CMSNet login ID and password (received via email) on the page titled CMS Secure Access Service.
  • New users will need to install the Juniper Network Client when entering the site for the first time. This will require administrative rights. Installation instructions are available on the CMSNet information page.
  • Select the web bookmark, CMS QIES Systems for Providers welcome page. Once here, users may proceed in requesting a ePOC User ID/Password.

Step 3- Attestation of Completion of Enrollment Process

  • Once you have received your CMSNet account login ID/Password and your ePOC account login ID/Password, you must complete the enrollment attestation form and follow the instructions for submitting to LDH Health Standards Section.
  • Once the completed enrollment attestation form is received, Health Standards will be able to activate your facility for ePOC in the ASPEN system.

Accessing the ePOC Application After Successful Registration:

These steps may be followed at any time when access is needed to the ePOC application after registration and activation is completed.

  1. Go to https://www.qtso.com, select the CMSNet link at the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Select "CMSNet - Submission Access" followed by the appropriate state from the U.S. map.
  3. Enter the CMSNet login ID and password on the page titled CMS Secure Access Service.
  4. Select the web bookmark, CMS QIES Systems for Providers to launch the CMS QIES Systems for Providers welcome page.
  5. Select the ASPEN Access (ePOC) link from the bottom of the page.
  6. Select the ASPEN Web link from the upper left corner of the ASPEN Access page.
  7. Enter your ePOC Login ID and Password.

Who to call for assistance?

1. For assistance with the CMSNet Secure Access Service Login or installation of the Juniper Network Client contact the CMSNet Help Desk at 888-238-2122.

2. For assistance with the ePOC User Registration contact the QTSO Help Desk at 888-477-7876.

3. Other questions that cannot be answered in the online procedure manual can be emailed to the HSS ePOC email address at HSS.LTC@la.gov.


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