OCDD Resource Center

The mission of the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD) is committed to quality services and supports, information, and opportunities for choice to people of Louisiana with developmental disabilities and their families.  The mission of the OCDD Resource Center is to collaborate with private providers to assist with identification of support needs, as well as develop activities/interventions/products that improve their abilities to achieve positive outcomes for persons with developmental disabilities. 

The OCDD Resource Center strives to impact the service system in positive, proactive ways.  The Resource Center works with service systems to assist in providing more evidence-based, effective, person-centered, and cost-effective services.  The Resource Center increase community capacity, provide leadership, enhance communication and collaboration that would increase the availability of Medical/Behavioral/Allied Health/Dental Supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), their families, providers, professionals and other state agencies.  The Resource Center also serves as a source for training, consultation and technical assistance for people transitioning out of Supports and Services Centers.  The Resource Center is a principal agent in the implementation of OCDD's cost savings initiatives to assist in building community capacity for people with I/DD.

The vision of the OCDD Resource Center is to partner with community providers and professionals to offer quality supports and to build a natural community support network for individuals with complex needs, life threatening conditions, and those who pose greater risk to public safety.

The goal of the OCDD Resource Center is to have a broad impact in the DD Service System and Louisiana local communities with the following outcomes:

  • Improved health and behavioral health outcomes for DD service recipients
  • Broader availability and accessing of natural support networks in local communities
  • Greater ability of community providers and professionals to support individuals with complex needs
  • Use of technology and innovative treatments that lead to improved support options and greater independence for recipients
  • Local access to innovation and technical assistance

Programs/products developed by the OCDD Resource Center are guided by OCDD Values and Guiding Principles.

Please click for Wellness and Trauma Informed Support tools and resources for individuals, families and provider staff.

A referral to the Resource Center for individual consultation or services can be made in the following situations:

  • There is not an available service or provider to meet the individual’s needs
  • You are not sure what type of support/treatment may be needed
  • The individual’s treating clinician would like consultation from another clinician with experience providing services to individuals with IDD

Please click for Resource Center Referral for Services Form

OCDD Resource Center contact information for referrals

Email: Resource.Center@LA.GOV