Pediatric Day Health Care (PDHC)



Physician or PDHC Agencies


Medicaid recipients 0 through 20 who have a medically fragile condition and who require nursing supervision and possibly therapeutic interventions all or part of the day due to a medically complex condition.


Nursing care, Respiratory care, Physical Therapy, Speech-language therapy, occupational, personal care services and transportation to and from PDHC facility


The PDHC facility must submit the Prior Authorization request.

In order to receive PDHC, the recipient must have a prescription from their prescribing physician and meet the medical criteria

PDHC may be provided up to seven days per week and up to 12 hours per day for Medicaid recipients as documented by the recipient's Plan of Care.

Services are provided by licensed providers enrolled in Medicaid to provide PDHC services.

The following services are not covered - before and after school care; medical equipment, supplies and appliances; parenteral or enteral nutrition; infant food or formula.

Prescribed medications are to be provided each day by recipient's parent/guardian.


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