Process for Approving a Consumable Hemp Product

  1. The following documents must be uploaded to the portal:
      1. Labels for each product
      2. Certificates of Analysis (CoA) from accredited labs for each product
      3. A completed application form for each product (FD-10)
      4. Laboratory accreditation verification documentation (ISO-IEC 17025)
      5. An attestation that the product was produced from hemp
      6. Photographs or renderings of each product that accurately depict the entirety of the product, including all accessories or physical items included or sold with the product
      7. For each product, a detailed written description of how individual servings will be packaged and marketed for sale
      8. A complete list of the firm’s previously registered products

    The department is unable to accept emailed links to files stored in iCloud Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, or other online-storage systems. 

  2. Administrative Coordinators will review all submitted documents.
      1. If the submission is missing documents or information, the Administrative Coordinator will send back the document with comments or request further documentation.
      2. Products will not be registered until every document (with correct information as required by LDH) is submitted to the portal.

    Each time the Administrative Coordinator asks for more documentation, and upon each response to LDH, the 15-day* period for Administrative Coordinators to register or decline to register a product begins anew

  3. If the Department sends a request for more information on a product submission and does not hear back within 15* business days, the Department will close the file.
    1. Administrative Coordinators will send an invoice ($50 per product submitted for registration) once every product has been accepted for registration
    2. Applicants will pay the invoice through money order, cashier’s check, or online through the portal, made payable to LDH. Advise your reviewer as to whether you wish to submit an online or offline payment once items have been accepted for registration. 
    3. The registered product will then be placed on the Louisiana Department of Health Database for Registered Consumable Hemp Products and the applicant will receive a Certificate of Consumable Hemp Product Registration (FD-8a)
    4. Each product must be renewed between July 1 and August 15 of every year
      1. Firms may be allowed, with permission granted by the Department, to attest/certify that the product has not changed since the last submission in lieu of repeat submission for product renewal

* This period excludes weekends, legal holidays, and state office closures.

LDH can only communicate for registration and permitting purposes with a firm's agents, officers, proprietors or their designees.