Questions About Adoption

The Adoption Process

It is normal to have questions about the adoption process. In Louisiana, you can choose if you want an adoption agency to work with you on your adoption plan or if you want to pursue an independent adoption by an adoption lawyer. Women sometimes choose adoption agencies because they want more assistance than what an attorney can give such as counseling prior to and after the adoption. Oftentimes, agencies provide more support than an adoption attorney. If you are looking for an adoption agency, make sure you find one that is licensed in the state of Louisiana. Click here to see a full list of adoption agencies.

After the initial step of reaching out to an agency or attorney, you will likely meet with an adoption counselor who will provide you with your options, explain the process of relinquishing parental rights if you choose an adoption plan, and collect information about you and your baby’s father.

Here are some questions to have ready for your meeting with an adoption agency or adoption attorney:

  • What services do you offer and are there any fees? These services are typically offered at no cost to you.
    • Who pays these fees?
  • How do you find adoptive parents? What types of preparation do they receive?
  • What type of screening do the adoptive parents undergo?
  • Can I receive ongoing information about my child or have direct contact after placement?
  • Describe to me the role I will have in selecting the adoptive parents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

Look at these questions to find out specific answers to some of the most common ones regarding adoption placement.