Rape Crisis Program


The goal of the IRP Rape Crisis Program is to work toward ending sexual violence through education, program support and social change. IRP provides resources to the coalition and 14 community-based rape crisis centers to support these efforts.

The Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault (LaFASA) is a coalition of the state's community-based rape crisis centers. The rape crisis centers are urban and rural non-profit agencies Services provided by the centers include 24-hour crisis hotlines, crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, and accompanying survivors to the hospital for the post assault examinations. The centers also provide education about sexual assault prevention in their communities, including schools, civic groups, churches, fraternities and sororities, and professionals who work with sexual assault victims, such as hospital staff and law enforcement offices. Although the IRP Rape Crisis Program supports the centers, the centers rely heavily on volunteers to assist with services.

Program Components

Firearm-related Deaths
In 1998, there were 827 firearm-related deaths in Louisiana. The number of firearm-related deaths were almost equal among whites 422 (51%) and Blacks 399 (48%).

In 1998, a total of 589 residents died as a result of a homicide in Louisiana. Almost all were the result of a firearm-related fatal injury.

In 1998, a total of 476 residents died as a result of a suicide. Firearm-related fatal injuries, followed by suffocation/strangulation, were the leading underlying causes of these deaths.

Highlighted Facts:

  • Initiating early rehabilitation for victims can mitigate short and long-term health, mental health, and socio-economic sequella: new research indicates that sexual violence can be associated: with later indeterminate incapacitating headaches, abdominal and back pains causing extended medical care use and lost work productivity; with depression affecting self- and family-care capacities; with increased use of tobacco and alcohol; and with increased risk for HIV and other STD's.
  • Sexual assault is a societal issue and not a concern only of individual survivors and their families. The National Institute of Justice estimates that rape and other sexual assault annually cost $127 billion or about $508 per U.S. resident. It cost Louisiana over $2.2 million annually.
  • In 2005, the Bureau of Justices Statistics identified, 188,960 incidents of rape and sexual assault.
  • Researches estimate that one out of every three American women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. As many as one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18.
  • In 2003, in the Violence Against Women Prevention Research Study, "Rape in Louisiana: A Report to the State, an estimated over one in eight Louisiana women will be raped during their lifetime. Of women who have ever been raped, two thirds were raped before their 18th birthday, one third before the age of 12.